Bertucci’s of Plymouth Meeting 2.4/5

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I hate when I spend $42 for a meal at what appears to be a nice restaurant only to be disappointing.

My experience at Bertucci’s at the Plymouth Meeting Mall:

This was our first visit to Bertucci’s and may be the last. My wife and I had a great meal up until the end. At the end of the meal we politely declined desert and requested to go boxes for our leftovers. Our server (Kaitlyn) brought our boxes and promptly disappeared. For over half an hour (enough time for each of us to use the restroom in turn) we waited for our check. I eventually went to the main counter and waited for several people to place or pickup to go orders and was then ignored by the man running the register. Eventually another gentleman approached and asked if I needed help. I told him that I just wanted my check so I could go home. He brought it over to us and I paid quickly so we could get out of there. I was further disappointed that we were not given any discount or incentive to return. Clearly this place doesn’t care about repeat business. (a Starbucks that same day gave me a free drink because the barista messed up my order without me complaining. I don’t understand why Bertucci’s doesn’t care for customers the same way) The food was really good, but the service was so bad I may never eat there again. The same happened for the folks at the table next to us too who also shared the same waitress.

I even filled a survey out with them from my receipt and checked the please contact me button. Still no word back. I went in thinking I found a great place to eat and walked away feeling sad. Sorry for a downer of a review, but I wanted to make sure others knew about this as well. If Bertucci’s does anything to rectify this problem, I will let you know here in an update.




FOOD: 5/5


PRICE: 2/5




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