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Hello Blog ReOH-NO Comicsaders (or those wonderful little bots that leave comments about how wonderful a writer I am on a post that is more or less just a picture and have a link to some weird version of Facebook that for God knows why is in another country and demands me to fill out a form to “protect” my account. For some reason my blog thinks your spam, but hey I have readers who comment, yay!)

To try and encourage myself to write more than once every couple of months for this blog I am going to start a regular Tuesday feature for this site. If you look to your right you will my massive lists of links (unless your reading this on OH-NO, then you will have to click HERE and hen see the list of links.) The largest part of that list is titled Comics I Read. Well every Tuesday I am going to take a comic from that list (in alphabetical order) and tell you why I like reading that particular comic. When I run out of comics, I will start going on about other sites i like and add any new comics as well (I am sure there will be more, I spend almost an hour every day reading them). Now I am terrible with reviews. I will not be telling you anything bad about these comics, if i found fault with them, I don’t think they would be in this list. And you might notice a few comics that no longer update, those are linked to encourage reading the archives (as long as the archive still exists) So tune into this blog or  OH-NO, either one will do next week when we start with the comic 0-60 on Comics Sherpa.