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It’s a new year, I have goals, I am eager to draw again and I have a new copy of Photoshop to get my comics back online again! BUT, I need a plan, a plan to get things done. Normally I would come home from work and draw a comic at my drawing board after dinner. But that will prove difficult for me these days. As you may already know, I have a new baby at home and well, baby’s eat up a lot of time (and milk, man that little girl eats a lot of milk). Now, for me that’s not a bad thing. I love my daughter. I love spending plenty of quality time bonding with her. BUT (there’s that BUT again) she now occupies my cartooning time. Ruh Roh Raggy, how is Whiskey Falls (yes I am keeping the name, more on that later) and OH-NO going to get drawn? Well, I just can’t do it at home, that’s all. That big drawing board is gonna have to sit unused for a few years.


I have a giant clipboard (big enough to fit three of my 4×13 comic strips on it. I have a brand new messenger bag that can easily fit paper, pens, ink, rulers and paper in. I also get one hour for lunch and my office is close to both Valley Forge Park (for nicer weather) and the King of Prussia Mall (nice and quiet food court now that the Holiday Madness is over for another year). I could easily grab a picnic or food court table and get my comics, written, penciled and inked. All without subtracting from my quality time with my sweet little daughter.


As I mentioned, I need a plan. Otherwise I will spend my lunch breaks goofing off, watching trains and Netflix movies and hunting nearby Geocaches. I have lived with ADD as long as I can remember, and I know if I don’t have a written plan to tell me exactly what I need to do, the “shinny object” will win and the comics will lose. So here it is starting next Monday.

MONDAY:                 Layout and letter AT LEAST three strips.

TUESDAY:               Pencil strips.

WEDNESDAY:        Ink.

THURSDAY:            Write.

FRIDAY:                    Free day. Use this day to catch up if fallen behind.

SCANNING:             Work out a day with my wife that I can scan, color and post to the web after work (with promise of diaper duty to make up for the loss of quality time)

So that’s the grand plan. I wrote it down and shared it with the world. Hopefully doing that will allow me to keep my comic alive in twenty twelve.

Twenty Eleven is now over and we are now diving headfirst in to twenty twelve. The following is my list of goals for this year.

  • Make a (decent) profit from Blueberry Arts (including oh-no)
  • Try to do a water color and or oil painting every month for the “Painting of the Month”
  • Be more social with my fans on social networking.
  • Reboot (but not rebrand) Whiskey Falls in color on it’s own site again and run on Sherpa through the end of the year.
  • Put the first four years of OH-NO back online.
  • Blog more.
  • Eat better and exercise (or at least give it a good try)
  • Keep in better touch with friends.
  • Catch up on drawing Whiskey Falls and release a book sometime this year.
  • Create a new OH-NO Book in color collecting the first two books.
  • Enter the Cartoonist Studio contest this year (don’t miss out like you did last year)
  • Be the best daddy I can to my little girl.
  • Focus more on black and white photography.
    • Get a dedicated film scanner, chemistry and an HD monitor from the sale of your old unused scanner and old laptop.
  • Sell something on ebay weekly (if not more) and put money into the BBA Fund.
  • Make a two minute animated pilot for Whiskey Falls.
  • Start a podcast (walters podcast of doom and my own review show) (Get a new mic and mixer for this)
  • Actually do the AOM 30 day challenge this year (c’mon it will be fun)
  • Find a better paying day job, possibly in the field of Art
  • Take classes on InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop so I can be proficient in them
  • Give Lorin sometime to breath away from the baby
  • Take time to enjoy the world around you.
  • Finally go through that crate of magazines I don’t read and reduce the clutter in all parts of my life.
  • Get some mud on the tires of the ol Jeep.
  • Hide and Seek some Geocaches.
  • Introduce Lottie to nature, camping and hiking.
  • Make Lorin and Lottie feel special.
  • Make sure Rosemary feels thanked for everything she has done for us.
  • Call my mother (and possibly send a postcard every once in a while)
  • Drastically reduce my debt and put away some money to save for a home.
  • Look back on this list at the end of the year and see how well I did.

So that’s my list of goals. It was mostly written as it spilled from my brain. I may add to it, but I will not subtract. It will be interesting to see what was accomplished and what was not. Wish me luck.