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It’s a new year, I have goals, I am eager to draw again and I have a new copy of Photoshop to get my comics back online again! BUT, I need a plan, a plan to get things done. Normally I would come home from work and draw a comic at my drawing board after dinner. But that will prove difficult for me these days. As you may already know, I have a new baby at home and well, baby’s eat up a lot of time (and milk, man that little girl eats a lot of milk). Now, for me that’s not a bad thing. I love my daughter. I love spending plenty of quality time bonding with her. BUT (there’s that BUT again) she now occupies my cartooning time. Ruh Roh Raggy, how is Whiskey Falls (yes I am keeping the name, more on that later) and OH-NO going to get drawn? Well, I just can’t do it at home, that’s all. That big drawing board is gonna have to sit unused for a few years.


I have a giant clipboard (big enough to fit three of my 4×13 comic strips on it. I have a brand new messenger bag that can easily fit paper, pens, ink, rulers and paper in. I also get one hour for lunch and my office is close to both Valley Forge Park (for nicer weather) and the King of Prussia Mall (nice and quiet food court now that the Holiday Madness is over for another year). I could easily grab a picnic or food court table and get my comics, written, penciled and inked. All without subtracting from my quality time with my sweet little daughter.


As I mentioned, I need a plan. Otherwise I will spend my lunch breaks goofing off, watching trains and Netflix movies and hunting nearby Geocaches. I have lived with ADD as long as I can remember, and I know if I don’t have a written plan to tell me exactly what I need to do, the “shinny object” will win and the comics will lose. So here it is starting next Monday.

MONDAY:                 Layout and letter AT LEAST three strips.

TUESDAY:               Pencil strips.

WEDNESDAY:        Ink.

THURSDAY:            Write.

FRIDAY:                    Free day. Use this day to catch up if fallen behind.

SCANNING:             Work out a day with my wife that I can scan, color and post to the web after work (with promise of diaper duty to make up for the loss of quality time)

So that’s the grand plan. I wrote it down and shared it with the world. Hopefully doing that will allow me to keep my comic alive in twenty twelve.

On OH-NO Comics Monday i made a blog post revealing reasons why there have been no recent comic updates. (I did it all in pirate speak for ITLAPD) One of those reasons was that modern computing no longer supports my version of Adobe Creative Suite. I of course discovered this AFTER I upgraded my operating system to Lion (Mac OS X 10.7). Lion is a 64 bit system and, well Adobe CS1 is only 32 bit. SO, I went online and downloaded a free trial of CS5.5 and happily used it for longer than the trial was supposed to last for. Then I had to reboot and my trial was over. Now I am stuck. The only way my comic gets online is with Photoshop and the only way I can make my books is with InDesign. Both are part of CS5.5.

So about the title to this news post. If I sell 100 books, I should be able to afford a student version of Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium and get back to making comics again (yay) and if I sell more than that, perhaps the Adobe Master Collection. The minimum I would have to sell would be 75 to get design standard.

Please help me make more comics. If you already own my books you can help spread the word AND/or buy something else in the shop, every penny counts. My shop can be found HERE (

To buy ARTIST EDITIONS ($20) of my books go HERE: ( Artist Editions are signed and drawn in. I have a limited number of these, so only order from my shop if you are getting the artist edition.

To buy the REGULAR BOOKS ($12) shipped directly from the printer go HERE: (

Now here is a little secret about these books. If all goes to plan, these books will be discontinued sometime in 2012 making them collectors items never to be sold or printed by Blueberry Arts ever again. Plus if you bought one of the regular books from Lulu and want it signed, just find me at a convention or art fair and i will gladly sign it for you.

Thanks for your help folks, tell everyone you know!

P.S.: Here is a link for donations if you choose to go that route.

This Saturday is the Allentown Comic Con. I will be there will you?

I will be bringing a plethora of original art for both Whiskey Falls and OH-NO as well as both books and I will be drawing sketch cards. It is looking like this will be a great show. They have some great guests lined up including some other webcomicers and artist whom I have exhibited with before. So if your anywhere in the vicinity of Eastern Pennsylvania, don’t miss this show.

See you this weekend!