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This is a daily journal, so every day despite how mundane, I will sit down and write about what happened.

The biggest thing would be that I had drawn my first guest comic for another artist. It was fun I must say to draw his characters as I draw my own.

I had to help the technician install a new color machine on five at work to replace a consistently jamming one.

On the way home I went to pick up a jar of pasta sauce at the King of Prussia Genuardi’s. The place was packed and the express lane was closed. All the other shoppers had full carts, I just had one jar. Then I noticed that the service desk was clear. I moved in that direction, but someone beat me there and proceeded to get a money order. There were two people at the service desk, one in an apron trying to figure out how to ring up a money order and another sans apron just standing there. After ten minutes (and now a long line behind me), the girl without the apron rolled her eyes, threw on her apron and asked if I needed help. She checked me out and I was on my merry way past the crowded checkouts.