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Wow it’s been since March when I last updated this blog. Sorry if anyone actually reads this. Now onto why I’m writing.

I think in words.
I had a friend once who told me that he thinks in pictures and images. He is very articulate with how he speaks and I believe he speaks several languages.
I on the other hand think in words. My brain is like a room of voices speaking. I see pictures in my minds eye as well, but not representing any words. Words are just words in my brain. Yet I am an artist. In fact a cartoonist. I tell stories with pictures that I draw from (for the most part) my mind. I make paintings and take photographs. I draw.
When I write my comics, I write them out first in a script format. I think of the words first and don’t really think about the pictures until it’s time to draw. To me it’s all about the words. In fact as I draw I think with words about what I’m drawing.
To draw Billy I think to myself: Nose, Circle circle, eyes, forehead, mouth/smile, hair curl hair curl hair curl, glasses, shirt.
Or if I’m drawing a car, I think about the tires, the hubcaps, the fenders , the turn signal.
When learning about the art of creating art, one is taught to forget what an object is, but to describe it with your medium. Like that’s not a hubcap, but a lighter shade of grey. I could never do that. To me it is always a hubcap. It is impossible for me to think with pictures. For me it’s always about the words.

I think this is one reason why I will only ever know how to speak English fluently. Without the pictures in my minds eye, I can’t find anything else to help translate English to anything else.