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At the very top of Comics Sherpa’s list of comics is our first webcomic review. I was torn between lumping all of my favorite Sherpa Toons together in one post (which I will likely do when it comes to GoComics) but decided against it. These are the struggling artist just like myself who are just wanting someone to notice their strip. So I decided that each Sherpa comic should have it’s own post and review. Starting with our first review:

0-60 by Ariel Guzman

0-60This comic is the story of a new compact car called M1T3Y that has a mind of it’s own. As you can see above it has a nice soft gray-scale for it’s art. It also does something clever when the cars are thinking or communicating with one another. Instead of the traditional thought balloon, 0-60 has words appear on the windshield.

Not many humans seem to notice that the cars are sentient in this strip including the cars owner Lillie (a girl who is not afraid to change her own oil) and Sterling a dude who was reluctant to accept the little car at first but has grown to like it. Every once in a while though some one will notice that the car has a mind of it’s own.

0-60So, that’s what I like about 0-60 (as I warned in the last post I am not the best review giver). It has nice art in a newspaper style strip, some good car humor and some great characters. So I encourage you to go check out this nice little comic and read through it’s archives. The comic has a start date of July 19th 2010 and continues to update every Monday and Thursday on Comics Sherpa part of Go Comics.


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