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It snowed in the greater Valley Forge area over night last night. I was happy to be driving home from my sister in laws house last night in the snow. I really got the feel for how the 4×4 in the jeep works and had a moment of realizing, oops a 98 Jeep does NOT have antilock brakes. That problem was easily thwarted and it was kinda fun going down a hill sideways! Actually no, that was terrifying. But the rest of the drive was fun. The heat works great and so does the 4×4. The transfer case makes sounds similar to how Jeeps in WWII movies sound. Got to commute into work on some unplowed streets and parking lots today too. That was also fun. Why didn’t I buy a Jeep years ago. I think I’m hooked on owning Jeeps now. They are too much fun. Hopefully they don’t have all the roads clear on my drive home tonight too.

Twice yesterday I had to go to the mall, and twice yesterday I returned to the Jeep to find another one lurking. I liked the green one. It looks to be a similar model and year to mine.

Todays random pic is the new radio for my jeep. Actually its the radio that was the available from the factory when it was new. Except that it has orange lights instead of blue-green like all the other Chryslers put there. The Radio itself is from an Intrepid (which had orange dash lights.) and the face (so it could fit) was from a Ram. So I get orange lights and a green clock. I think it looks kinda cool, don’t you?