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It was weird…

I was at the old Port Kennedy station in the park watching trains. Not long after a train passed and the other railfan that was there had left, a Mitsubishi pulled up and parked near me. The driver, a short man of Mexican heritage got out and walked up to the tracks looked in both directions then slowly approached the Jeep.

“Waiting for something?” he asked.

“Just trains.” I replied.

He acted interested and asked about the trains that normally run here and if I come there often. After a while he stopped grilling me about trains and went back to his SUV. Maybe five minutes went passed. He then shouts over to me,

“Can I ask you something?”

“What’s that?” I reply. He gets out and walks over to my passenger door and looks both ways like he did by the railroad track.

“You see,” he says with a pause and continues, “I’m horny.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I stared blankly for a few seconds before blurting out, “Sorry man, I’m just not into that.”

He looked shocked that I turned him down. I said,

“I have a wife and kid and I am totally into chicks.”

“That’s cool,” he says, “that’s cool.”

I then gave him a warning about this being a National Park and that the rangers would likely frown on sexual acts of any kind happening in the parking lots and that they regularly patrol this lot (which they do). Without a word he got into his car and drove off. And thus for the first time in my life I was hit on by another man.